3 questions to ask when buying a preowned wedding dress online

Today, more and more brides-to-be are turning to purchasing their brand new or preowned wedding dress online. Instead of just limiting yourself to the local wedding dress shop or dress agency that is within driving distance, buying a preowned wedding dress online has become increasingly popular for three very important reasons to name just a few

  1. No necessary appointments needed
  2. Shop, compare prices and save instantly
  3. Allows you to shop anywhere across the globe

Buying a preowned wedding dress will most likely be the most important, and probably the most expensive, purchase so any bride-to-be to want to buy their preowned wedding dress in the best possible condition for the cheapest price. Sure buying online presents plenty of rewards, such as saving money which can be reinvested back into the wedding budget or being more environmentally friendly, but sometimes it’ always isn’t so smooth sailing.

Sometimes purchasing a preowned wedding dress can present plenty of risks or problems that didn’t even exist or what you thought to ask before handing over your card information as you look at your wedding dress for the very first time. Perhaps the measurements are incorrect, the dress arrives with hidden stains or rips or you could even have been stung with hidden shipping costs are just a few risks or problems to consider when it comes to online wedding dress shopping.

Having been in this industry for such a long period, I have heard countless tales from brides-to-be on numerous different disasters they have encountered courtesy of online wedding dress shopping in the build up to their big day. While there are online wedding dress agencies such as Dressplace who use a classified listings system to outlaw these problems, this is still a common theme amongst brides. To reduce the chances of a purchase gone wrong, Dressplace have put together three vital questions that you need to the seller before buying in this helpful guide.

How to shop for the perfect preowned wedding dress online

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