6 Reasons to buy second hand/used designer clothes

In recent years, buying second hand designer clothes was nothing to be proud of! With a certain stigma attached, used designer clothing was often associated with the impression that you couldn’t afford to buy new clothing with the image of having to wade through mountains of clothing through your local thrift shop… Well these days, those opinions couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact the clothes in most dress agencies are only accepted when they are a certain standard quality and tend to be called “Pre-loved” . In other words “this was an expensive item that has been cared for”.


From businesses who purely survive with social media or a website presence, to the number of second hand designer dress agency pop-up stores in town, buying second hand designer clothing has become such a big trend, it’s just about everywhere!


Still not convinced? Well inside our Dress Agency Directory blog, we will highlight 6 reasons why you should ditch the high-street prices and shop second hand designer clothes.


6 Reasons to buy second hand/used designer clothes


#1 Save The Environment

What may be unfit for someone else might be perfect for you! The clothing industry is a pretty wasteful one and when you take into account of both the manufacturing process and the environmental costs involved in clothing that’s quickly thrown away and ends up in landfill is pretty frightening. Although landfill rates have been reducing in recent years, picking up second-hand designer clothing will survive many years to come and will reduce the overall impact on the planet.


#2 Save Yourself Money

Let’s face it, nobody has an unlimited budget when it comes to clothing and if you are going to pick up any type of second-hand or used designer clothing, you are only going to pay a fraction of the retail price right?!?! Well if you were to buy a number of clothing, or even a seasonal wardrobe, can you imagine the amount of money you could save and put to better use?


#3 Support Your Local Economy

How many of the same high-street chain brands do we see every time we go out shopping? Well used designer clothing purchasing not only ensures your money stays within the local community, sometimes local dress agencies often donate clothing and a percentage of the money they make to local businesses and charities so you could be having a much bigger impact on your local company that you think!


Some charities will also sell donated clothes to raise funds, so by shopping at either your local second hand dress agency or charity shop, you cannot only bag yourself a bargain which will benefit local charities, but you can also drop off some of your unwanted used designer clothing at the same time.


#4 Unique, Vintage Designer Look.

Fashion is a vicious cycle. Why spend hundreds of pounds on a new look that’s just come back into fashion from the 1980’s? Some designer dress agencies specialise entirely on vintage and retro clothing that not only are a faction of the price you would pay in a designer store, but also present a more authentic look you simply cannot replicate or match the quality of the material from used vintage designer clothing.


The quality of vintage, second hand clothing shouldn’t be ignored either. Some clothing can be 30, 40 or even 50 years old and would have been worn, washed and dried for many years. Chances are the clothing will still look brand-new on the hanger so it will stand the test of time for many more years to come.


#5 Brand New Designer Items!

Hands up! We’ve all been in this position before…. you have purchased a dress for a special occasion then never worn it again or bought something in the wrong size, then leave it hanging in your wardrobe for years to come until you finally decided to give it away. We’ve all been there and a large number of second hand designer clothes found in many on the dress agencies listed on here fall into this very category. So, OK yes you are buying second-hand designer clothing, but you could be buying something that hardly or ever been worn for a fraction of the retail price.


#6 New Daily Stock

With the amount of dress agencies who buy used designer clothing or receive donations, these shops will have new stock on almost a daily basis… so although you may not find what you were looking for in a certain dress agency one day, the next time you pop in, you may find exactly what you were looking for.


Shop Second Hand Designer Clothes at your local Dress Agency

Once you get past the stigma of buying used designer clothing, you can see there are so many reasons why more and more people are choosing to shop for used designer clothing in their local dress agency. With over 500 Dress Agencies listed, head over to our Dress Agency Directory page and start your search now!


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