How to buy, store and preserve your preowned wedding dress

While it may take many frustrating and exasperating shopping days, that usually ends with disappointment, searching for your dream wedding dress can take months of dedication before you finally succeed…

As quickly as the big day arrives, it passes with the blink of an eye, unfortunately the same can’t be said regarding the wedding dress. Often many a bride will simply disregard and let their wedding dress hang in the back of her wardrobe thinking that the gown looks clean and will always remain in good, consistent shape until they are ready to part with it. Well they thought wrong!

Why would you preserve your wedding dress

Regardless of if you are a bride-to-be that’s searching for a preowned wedding dress, a cash-savvy newly-wed looking to sell your dress to get back some of your investment, or if you simply want to pass your preowned wedding dress down to the next generation as a family heirloom there are several factors to consider when it comes to preserving or selling your wedding dress.

Acting on behalf of the majority of the Dress Agencies that are listed within our Dress Agency Directory, we have access to the ultimate bridal guide on how to look after, buy and sell your preowned wedding dress, courtesy of Dressplace.

How to buy, store and preserve your preowned wedding dress

The preowned wedding dress guide

In order to help, Dressplace have put together an excellent guide on how you can look after and preserve your wedding dress to make the maximum amount of money for when it’s time to turn your wedding dress into a preowned wedding dress or for any bride-to-be who are looking for preowned wedding dress so you can ask the right questions.

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