How do I register?

How to Register to submit or claim a listing
Step 1. Login or Register - If you haven’t previously registered you will need to by clicking on "Register" under the "More..." menu item.


Step 2. Enter your credentials - Provide a username, your email address and choose a password (this must be at least 6 characters).

Step 3. Confirm your email address - You will have been sent an email (like the image below) to the address you provided in the registration, now simply click on the link in the email to confirm.

Step 4. Login - You are now able to login using the credentials you provided. You will be redirected to the “Your Dashboard” page where you will can submit and mange listings that you have claimed.

How do I claim my listing?

If you haven't already registered and have login credentials then you will need to do that first.

Step 1. Find your listing - Click on the Directory in the main menu and search for your listing and then click on it.


Step 2. Select your listing - When in a listing you will see across the top some buttons, one of which is “Is this your ad?” click it.


Step 3. Send your request - Enter any message that you would like to add and click the “Send Claim” button. Your request will then be sent for our team to confirm the request for you to take control of.


Step 4. Getting approval - Once your request has been approved you will be sent an email with a link, simply click on the link and you will be taken to your dashboard (you may need to login again if you have been logged out).

Step 6. Your dashboard - In your dashboard you are now able to edit your listing, delete it and look at how many views your listing has had.


Step 5 . Edit your listing - Select the edit (pencil icon) and simply work down the page adding information as you go. Don't forget to save!

How much is it to add my business?