Vintage preowned wedding dresses through the decades…

Wedding dresses have unquestionably evolved throughout the decades of the twentieth century. Ranging from the introduction of the pre-war, no waistband loose fitted flowing silhouette, to the strapless rock ‘n roll range of the early 90’s, every decade presented it’s very own distinctive style that still influences the latest seasonal designs today.

Following on from the brilliant blog describing the choosing a vintage wedding dress, brides-to-be will have access to hundreds of preowned wedding dresses in every style, every colour and every size throughout the last century when shopping in any preowned dress agency. At Dress Agency Directory, we love reflecting back on time and seeing which decades introduced and influenced styles that are still popular today. Join us on a journey as we take you back in time…

1950’s Vintage Wedding Dresses

The 1950’s saw the first introduction of the sweetheart neckline; this quickly became the craze of the decade as it was featured by Elizabeth Taylor in the popular film ‘Father of the Bride”. The dress came complete with a fitted waist with an optional tea or full length skirt which complemented the more curvy, petite and plus size figures. Many of the gowns were designed to be worn as strapless evening gowns so brides could enjoy themselves after the wedding ceremony.

This decade also marked the beginnings of gloves which were worn by the brides. Fingerless gloves made of lace or satin, along with shorter veils, were the standard look as it highlights the bride’s shoes.

1960’s Vintage Wedding Dress

This era was heavily influenced by what was happening in women’s fashion. As items such as the mini-skirt and the bikini became increasingly popular, this impacted on the style of wedding dresses with the introduction of the short wedding dress.

With A-Line shifts and empire waists establishing the style, this often complemented both plus-size and straight figures. When purchasing a preowned wedding dress, you will see that the shape appeals to brides who have slender arms and legs.

1970’s Vintage Wedding Dresses

Unlike the 1950’s and 1960’s, the 1970’s were not dictated or influenced by one particular style. Ranging from pantsuits, hippie frocks and punk-influenced dresses, this decade also saw the revival of the 30’s and 40’s silhouettes. Because there were so many different styles, this appealed to all brides regardless of shape.

Amazingly, colours such as Ivory and Silver were introduced because of the impact that the first man on the moon! These colours often represented metallic fabrics.

1980’s Vintage Wedding Dresses

This was easily the generation that was inspired by everything big! Arguably, this trend was first influenced by the wedding dress worn by Diana, Princess of Wales in 1981. With big, puffy sleeves, full-length veils and oversized bouquets, the 1980’s also saw flowing sleeves become popular.

When purchasing a pre owned wedding dress from this era, you will see that it usually compliments the fuller-figure or curvy bride, but small alterations can easily be made. This decade also saw the introduction of the four-tiered wedding cake which quickly caught on and extended to as many as eight-tiers by 1989.

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