Wedding Dresses: New or preowned?

So with your big wedding day vastly approaching, there will still be thousands of little tasks to plan ahead with. But without question, the biggest, most expensive and generally stressful task is choosing your dream wedding dress.

With many pros and cons for each, many brides struggle to decide on whether to buy a new designer wedding dress or a used, or also known as a preloved or preowned wedding dress. Now with more and more wedding agencies based online selling new and preowned wedding dress than ever before, brides have an unlimited, global selection to choose from than just the nearest high street store. Regardless of which dress you decide to, make sure you check out our blog on the right questions to ask when buying a wedding dress online

There are several advantages and disadvantages, regardless of which type of dress that any bride-to-be decides to purchase. Brides will have to consider just a few of the following before purchasing…

  • Price
  • Condition the dress will arrive in
  • Latest fashion trends
  • Classic or timeless wedding dress styles
  • Are you being environmentally friendly

If you are still not unsure on what you are looking for, or what’s best for your requirements. Dress Agency Directory have again teamed up with Dressplace to put together the ultimate guide on the advantages and disadvantages of new or preowned wedding dresses to help you on your way.

The advantages and disadvantages of new and preowned wedding dresses.

For a fabulous collection of both new designer or preowned wedding dresses, we highly recommend Dressplace who has a full range of designer wedding dresses in their classified stock listings.

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